Autism Clinic in Sydney

Early Intervention-ABA

Bright Eyes Early Intervention provides comprehensive early intervention programs based on the principles and techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

The science of ABA is used as the foundation of our early intervention programs. ABA has an extensive empirical research base supporting its use as best practice within the field of early intervention and Autism.

Each child’s program:

  • Is specifically tailored to meet their needs
  • Is designed to assess any barriers to learning
  • Uses the child’s own motivational interests to facilitate learning
  • Is designed to target skills that are functionally important and developmentally appropriate

Our programs address all developmental areas including:

  • Functional language and communication skills
  • Play and social interaction
  • Engagement with family
  • Daily living skills such as toileting, eating, feeding, dressing etc.
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Reduction in  behaviours of concern
  • Increasing attention and task persistence
  • Academic or pre-academic skills

For more information or to arrange an initial consultation please contact: or call 9498 1596