Early Intervention

Bright Eyes provides comprehensive early intervention programs based on the principles and techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).


Bright Eyes provides comprehensive early intervention programs based on the principles and techniques of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

The science of ABA is used as the foundation of our early intervention programs. ABA has an extensive empirical research base supporting its use as best practice within the field of early intervention and Autism.

Each child’s program:

  • Is specifically tailored to meet their needs
  • Is designed to assess any barriers to learning
  • Uses the child’s own motivational interests to facilitate learning
  • Is designed to target skills that are functionally important and developmentally appropriate

Following assessments and collaboration with the family, goals and strategies are developed by a behaviour analyst. Your child’s regular sessions involve working with them to achieve these goals. Review meetings with the team are conducted to monitor progress and update the program.

A number of teaching techniques are used during sessions including Natural Environment Training, Verbal Behaviour, Functional Communication Training, and Discrete Trial Training.

Parental involvement is one of the key elements to a successful early intervention program. Our behaviour analysts work closely with parents so they can continue the intervention process within the home environment.

Early intervention services are available to children (up to school aged) who have diagnosed disabilities (e.g. autism spectrum disorder), children who have a delay in one or more areas of their development, or for children who have other specific needs.

*See School Aged and Beyond for less intensive intervention services tailored towards older individuals.

Balance Program: A Parent-Implemented Home-Based Program for Emerging Behavioural Concerns

Bright Eyes also provides the Balance Program, created by Dr. Greg Hanley and his team at FTF Behavioral Consulting (https://ftfbc.com/).

The Balance Program is an evidence-based, parent-implemented program that is run in-home under the supervision of a trained professional. This program is designed for children who have recently been diagnosed with autism or a developmental delay, and have emerging but non-dangerous problem behaviour (such as frequent uncooperative behaviour or tantrums). Balance is a proactive program focused on preventing the development of severe problem behaviour by teaching skills in communication, tolerance, and cooperation. Balance focuses on both child led and parent led activity, thus strengthening the trust in the child-parent relationship.

This intervention runs for 10 weeks (dependent on progress) and is implemented by parents and caregivers with the regular support and guidance of a trained professional. The program can be delivered solely via telehealth or through blended delivery, with some home or clinic sessions alongside telehealth sessions.

Please contact us to discuss if this program is suitable for your family.