Group Programs


Secret Agent Society

Secret Agent Society (SAS) is an evidence-based social skills program, proven to help children who have social and emotional challenges. It is suitable for children 8-12 years old, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Level 1, ADHD, anxiety disorders, anger management issues, or an undiagnosed range of social and emotional difficulties.

It uses espionage-theme activities and fun, eye-catching resources, including a computer game, missile action game, board game and secret message walkie-talkie to engage children and motivate them to develop new skills and coping mechanisms.

The program is one of the most successful of its kind in the world, providing children with the tools and skills to make friends, and feel happier, calmer and braver.

Other Groups

Bright Eyes intermittently runs other groups or workshops, where a need arises. Examples of other groups include preschool-aged social skills groups, school readiness, anxiety management groups, and workshops for parents/siblings of individuals with additional needs. If you would like to make an expression of interest for a particular group, please contact our clinic via email or phone.